Post Race Thoughts: Oxford Half



Yesterday, I woke up at 5 am to make my way to Oxford. Why? To run a little 13.1 miles in Frosty-The-Snowman-worthy weather despite the fact that I in no way trained to run a race for the last month. So to answer your question, yes, I’m flawless and only make well thought-out decisions. Here is how it went down:

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Running Therapy

I’ve been running a lot more than usual over the past month and it’s changing me. You can’t physically see a difference, or at least I can’t but I can feel it physically. My breathing is calm when I run and I can do more hills or I can run faster and it feels so good to finally see improvement. Today though I realized it’s also changing me emotionally. I didn’t run the last two days because I’m trying to heal my shin (I think I have shin splints in my right leg) and the only way to do that is rest. Because I didn’t run, I felt disgusted with myself, I felt like I had gained ten pounds and I just wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror. So this morning I told myself enough is enough, get your butt moving and I went for a run. And even though I look the exact same, I feel different. I’m starting to need running because it’s the way that I find confidence, beauty and strength.